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Rufio portrait.jpg
Title Golden Stallion
Type Gladiator

Rufio is a hero in Art of Conquest. All his life, Rufio has left a trail of conquered champions in his wake. He is impressed by the fighters of Nore, and it has become his goal to challenge and defeat them all.

Rufio is a bruiser hero, which means he wants to get right into the thick of the action and beat some skulls in. I personally do not find him to be a very effective hero especially now that we have lowered the power of heroes by limiting skill focusing. He gets burned down rather quickly by enemy troops and dies causing a morale boost for the enemy. Rufio is good at player vs Environment encounters (fighting npcs or bosses) he can tank bosses very well and it makes it rathe easy to beat bosses if you have Rufio.

Building Rufio[edit | edit source]

Rufio is a melee brawler whom will die. A lot. So his primary stat is Stamina, followed by Might, if you can get these two stats high enough he might survive long enough to be worth using the cooldown to get him into the fray.

I would get one point in heroic leap just for mobility. One point in chopping blade for added damage and stun.  I would dump the rest of his points into Resilience to help keep himself alive. All extra points go either into chopping blade or heroic leap.

If you want to be wasteful of his life and opt for a damage build stack all points into Blade dance and hope for the best maybe he can kill the squishies before they kill him.

Equipping Rufio

Weapon: Legendary Broadsword (+7 might)

weapon 2 or shield: Legendary Broadsword or Warrior’s Pride (+12 might +2 stamina)

Helm: Steel Helmet (+1 might +3 stamina)

Armor: Exquisite Chest plate (+7 stamina)

Relic 1: Necklace of Fortune (+2 might +2stamina)

Relic 2: Necklace of Fortune

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Heroic Leap Free Rufio leaps into the air, slamming into the ground in the specified area, dealing X damage to enemy units in range and stunning them. Bonus damage based on Might
Chopping Blade Rufio controls his blade at certain intervals with his mind, casting Chopping Blade on enemies in front of him, dealing X damage. Bonus damage based on Might
Strong Physique Rufio is a grizzled veteran of many battles, granting him a rugged body, recovering faster after receiving serious injurief. Rufio's injury recovery time is reduced by X%.
Blade Dance 1 energy Rufio spins with blade, spinning towards the specified location, dealing up to X damage to enemies hit along the way. Bonus damage based on Might
Resilence Rufio will continually recover HP on the battlefield, recovering X HP per second.
Destructive One Rufio is endowed with awesome destructive power, dealing X times the damage to all the enemy units.

Gallery[edit | edit source]