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One of the playable races in Art of Conquest. The Rakan race is an active race that doesn't do as well when the player sits back and just watches. They have a lot of nuances and require you to know your enemies as much as Humans do, if not more. But for those that like the active playstyle, don't need to be king of PvP, and like helping out fellow house members they can be a very rewarding and awesome race to use. Historically, they were once the best race (around the first half of 2019), but they have since been nerfed in balance changes, while other races have been buffed. Because of these changes, they are no longer the best race, but are still very viable (unlike Dwarf lol).

Rakan Troops[edit | edit source]

Samurai[edit | edit source]

Level 7 Samurai with Academy Bonuses
Elite swordsman part of a hereditary warrior class. Note that the image is rather outdated and the ale effect has since changed. 
Samurai are medium sized tanks with one key feature: at Silver and Gold ranks they are immune to morale collapse. This makes them a beast to clear out as they just don't quit. Everyone will have to kill every single one of these units every time. They do decent damage as well. They are however susceptible to area damage and larger units, but the Gold rank has some damage mitigation that helps with this.
Traits Description Tier
Battle Zeal (Active) Costs X Elixer. Within 7 seconds of drinking ale, launches into an Iaijutsu quick-draw attack, dealing heavy damage. All
Humanoid Unit This is a Humanoid Unit All
Bloodlust Damage is increased 30% during Morale Boosts. Silver & Gold
Bushido Code A bushido swordsman with impenetrable will, this warrior is immune to morale collapses during battle. Silver & Gold
Iaijutsu Has a 25% of launching an Iaijutsu counterattack when attacked, dealing heavy damage and taking 30% reduced damage for 3 seconds. Gold

Crossbowmen[edit | edit source]

Level 6 Crossbowman with Academy Bonuses
Ranged infantry soldier from the east. Wields a powerful crossbow. 
Crossbowmen are the ranged damage powerhouses of the Rakan forces. Pair these guys with the Turtle boosts and you will see some serious damage output per unit. Not to mention the fact that they have a pierce ability that deals area damage and melts swarms of troops.
Traits Description Tier
Deadly Piercing Arrows (Active) Costs X Elixer. Within 5 seconds of drinking ale, shoots a dealy piercing arrow that deals area damage to distant enemy targets. All
Light Armor This Unit receives massive damage from enemy troops. All
Humanoid Unit This is a Humanoid Unit All
Piercing Arrows Attacks have a 10% chance of shooting a piercing arrow that deals area damage. Silver & Gold

Monks[edit | edit source]

Level 7 Monk with Academy bonuses
Religious warrior who fights with fists of fury. 
Monks are the Rakan equivalent to the Human Spearmen in that they excel at taking down anything bigger than they are (trivia fact: human spearmen actually convert to samurai), but they also have an active ability that grants them a heal over time. Couple that with their immunity to poison at Silver and Gold ranks and they become a Scorpion + Spider combo Lich player's worst nightmare.
Traits Description Tier
Evocation (Active) Costs X Elixer. After drinking ale, recovers health for 15 seconds. All
Humanoid Unit This is a Humanoid Unit All
Poison Immunity Immune to poison damage. Silver & Gold
Swipe Deals heavy damage to Large and Massive units. Mitigates damage from Large Units by 30%. Silver & Gold
Flying Kick Fly through the air at enemies within a certain range, kicking for heavy damage. Gold

Ninja[edit | edit source]

Ninja are ranged damage dealers with an active ability that teleports them anywhere within a set radius, increases their dodge and crit chance, and turns them into game changers if used correctly or deal breakers if not. There is a lot of nuance to learning how to play the ninja troops effectively. The biggest part of that is learning when and where to place them for the biggest impact. The Gold rank also has a devastating poison effect with their attack that lets them quickly dispatch of anything not Mechanical or immune to poison.
Traits Description Tier
Mirror Image (Active) Costs X Elixer. Within 15 seconds of drinking ale, when attacked, blocks damage with a body double that disappears 2 seconds later. All
Humanoid Unit This is a Humanoid Unit All
Shadow Strike (Active) Reappear at the target location, switching to melee attack for 10 seconds. Evade chance and Critical hit chance are greatly increased during this time. Silver & Gold
Poisoner Weapon is dipped in poison, dealing poison damage every attack, only affects Humanoid, Magical Creature type troops. Gold

Dragon Turtles[edit | edit source]

Dragon Turtles are massive... in every way you can imagine in regard to this game. They have a ton of hit points and take up a full 20 spaces (4 wide by 5 long) on the troop placement grid. Not to mention they provide a boost that the Rakan are already becoming well known for with their drums and Battle Lust active ability. They can increase the Hit Points, Attack Power and Attack Speed (Attack Speed only applicable with the Gold Rank) of all other fielded units by up to 15% for the first 15 - 25 seconds of the fight and their active ability Battle Lust lets you choose when to double all those bonuses for an additional 15 seconds. Add that they have some healing capabilities with their basic area attack and it is easy to see why the Dragon Turtles are an awesome part of any army—even non-Rakan ones. It is recommended, in fact, to use a turtle while playing Sylvani
Traits Description Tier
Battle Lust (Active) Costs X Elixer. Pound the war drums to spur on all allied units, doubling the efficacy of the war drums for 15 seconds. All
Healing Wave Allied troops are healed by the spray spouted out by Dragon Turtles, Dragon Terrapins, and Dragon Tortoises. All
Massive Unit Deals bonus damage to normal and large units. All
Magical Creature This is a Magical Creature. They take 50% reduced damage from burning, freezing, lightning and holy damage. All
War Drums Increases the hit points of allied units by 10% at the beginning of battle. Lasts 15 seconds. Bronze
Reinforced War Drums Increases the hit points and attack rating of allied units by 15% at the beginning of battle. Lasts 15 seconds. Silver
Double War Drums Increases the hit points, attack rating, and attack speed of allied units by 15% at the beginning of battle. Lasts 15 seconds. Gold

Trebuchet[edit | edit source]

Trebuchets are your standard siege unit. They die easily excel at taking down Gate walls and pair well with Grimms... However, Rakans have the benefit of their turtles giving ally troops a bonus to attack and possibly even attack speed, which gives Rakan an edge when it is time to do some wall busting.
Traits Description Tier
Massive Unit Deals bonus damage to normal and large units. All
Mech Mech troops are not affected by Morale, immune to poison and don't get injured. All
Siege Mastery I Built to siege. Deals bonus damage to fortifications but cannot pillage resources during battle. Bronze
Siege Mastery II Built to siege. Deals bonus damage to fortifications but cannot pillage resources during battle. Silver
Siege Mastery III Built to siege. Deals heavy bonus damage to fortifications but cannot pillage resources during battle. Gold

Super Units[edit | edit source]

Template:Rakan Super Unit Traits

The Dragonboat is a Rakan Super Unit buildable by Governors of Small Cities and Cities (who have unlocked the Rank: Duke). It is a large, high damage dealer that boasts unlimited range on the battle field.
The Dragonship is also a Rakan Super Unit except buildable by Governors of Large and Giant Cities (who have unlocked the Rank: Prince). It possesses better stats than the Dragonboat that only increase the mass amount of damage it can deal.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Palace - The main building of the Rakan race. Upgrade your buildings and change your race from here.
Warehouse - This is where Rakans protect some of their resources.
Hospital - Heals your troops
Alchemy Core - Transmute un-used gear and craft new gear.
Academy - Research enhancements for your troops here.
Guardhouse - Upgrading this increases your Bronze, Silver and Gold army capacity.
Tactics School - Practice battles that gain you resources but don't risk losing any of your troops.
Residence - Gold generator
Moon Well - Elixir generator
Sawmill - Wood generator

Dojo - Trains Samurai, Ronin and Blademasters.
Crossbow Range - Trains Crossbowmen, Arbalesters and Desperados.
Monastery - Trains Monks, Gurus and Lamas.
Sanctum - Builds Ninja, Assassins and Shadows. Unlocked at Rank: Squire.
Assembly Yard - Builds Trebuchet, Vanquishers, War Hawks, Dragonboats and Dragonships. Unlocked at Rank: Baron. Super Units unlocked at Rank: Duke & Prince.
Waterhole - Trains Dragon Turtles, Dragon Terrapins and Dragon Tortoises. Unlocked at Rank: Count

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Research[edit | edit source]

My go-to answer for Research is to research what you like to use and play with most often, with the one caveat that you should stick to the rare resource division as best you can. Rare resource division means that trying to focus both Monks and Crossbowmen will make your life harder, as they both require Blood Diamonds to train. The same for Turtles and Ninja, or Samurai and Trebuchet. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.
  • The Tier 6 Upgrade for each unit type can be really strong... depending on what you use. Here are a few pointers:
    • Blademasters (Samurai Gold Tier)
      • Blademasters get added damage mitigation when their Iaijutsu triggers. Couple that with their Bushido Code and they make amazing wall defenders and front line tanks. However, if you aren't using the Gold Blademaster anywhere this one isn't useful at all... Although they are a best in class for wall defense, so if you aren't using them at all you may want to consider it, at least in your garrison.
    • Arbalesters & Depserados (Crossbowmen Silver and Gold Tier)
      • Arbalesters and Desperados get a bonus to their pierce damage. Where it works for silver tier as well and Crossbowmen are the only true area damage the Rakan race has. This one is almost a must have even if you only run silver Arbalesters and generally skip out on the Gold Desperados.
    • Lamas (Monk Gold Tier)
      • Lamas get a 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds after executing their flying kick. This makes them extremely effective against Human Lancer troops as they can deal massive damage with little threat of reprisal. Not to mention the fact that they will generally put themselves at the forefront of enemy focus because they get out ahead of other troops due to the kick and the damage mitigation helps them survive that. If you are using Gold Monks then this is a must.
    • Shadows (Ninja Gold Tier)
      • Shadows get a huge bonus (+50%) to their poison damage. While not the most helpful in all situations and limited to only the gold tier troops if you like the teleport ability and use Gold Ninja then this one is highly recommended. If you only use silver, then don't bother focusing on this skill.
    • Dragon Tortoises (Dragon Turtle Gold Tier)
      • Dragon Tortoises get a boost to the duration of their Double War Drums. While normally not something anyone would consider, as the turtles take 35 army capacity each, this ability can really shine when you get a Gold Turtle in your garrison. More troops are deployed when defending than you normally could and the added 10 seconds of bonus attack speed really helps Rakan defense shine. It is a big spend for a solitary turtle but it can solidify a defense and make the life of attackers miserable very quickly. However, it is also worth noting that due to the rather irregular size of these turtles can make it difficult to fit them into your garrison formation well.
    • War Hawks (Trebuchet Gold Tier)
      • War Hawks get additional bonus damage to walls. Only use this if you are focusing on wall breaking. If you happen to be doing just that then keep in mind that this bonus along with Turtle boosts can put you in the top tier wall breakers. You won't get many resources at all from each attack but you will deal some serious damage to enemy walls. (As always watch out for defense switches in between battles. Always Always ALWAYS tap away from a base and then tap back before making follow up attacks. Losing a Gold War Hawk is cringeworthy at best and devastating at worst). These War Hawks are extremely helpful in City Clash events, but it can be difficult to get the Gold Capacity to do so. If you wish to be extremely competitive in these events, it is worth creating a second account to loan you these war hawks during events.

Army Formations[edit | edit source]

PvP[edit | edit source]

Play to your enemies weakness and be prepared for things to not go as expected. Also, remember that Rakan is an active race and everything goes at half speed in PvP meaning they lose much of their potential benefits as you can only do half as many things or fewer depending on how the battle goes. Note: This half speed info may be wrong... I (other author) have interpreted it as the whole battle's playing speed it halved, and so is everything related.
  • Human
    • Front Line - They will likely be running lancers which means you'll need at least silver tier monks. But be sure to check what their highest research tier is because if you get hit by a human running Swordsmen in place of lancers they will wreck your monks in short order and Samurai would be a much better alternative.
    • Damage - Here your Crossbowmen will shine. Their pierce damage will take out Archers and Priestesses that they've placed behind their own front line which can make your job a lot easier. Another thing to consider though is this is also where your Ninja will shine. With their teleport ability, they can drop full troops of equal level units in a couple of seconds and where their ability only takes half the normal global cooldown you can rapidly get multiple troops of Ninja behind enemy lines. Their front line will crumble shortly thereafter as they would lose all support and damage troops and be completely surrounded.
    • Support - Here your Ale can fill in needed holes or you can bring along a turtle or two (Remember how big they are though and their size often limits the realized benefit they bring). Use either as you see fit but I recommend playing with each outside of a PvP setting so you can retry as many times as is needed and not risk losing such an expensive unit all at once.
  • Dwarf
    • Front Line - This one will be a gamble. Whales will often still use Mechs and your monks are the perfect counter to that but if they use Miners you are really going to struggle. Miners are, in my opinion, the hardest unit for Rakan to deal with effectively. They're not large (so no bonus damage for monks), they have a stun and tons of health. Meaning both tank options are out. If you try Turtles, which do alright at stalling miners but not killing them, then you have to worry about Riflemen headshots and mixed in Mech units dealing massive damage faster than you can respond to. This is where your damage dealer selection can help. In any situation, you will want to be on your toes because a dwarf attack can go south for you before the match has even gotten fully under sway. However, due to recent balance changes Dwarves have largely disappeared as they are no longer very viable (information accurate as of 25 July 2019).
    • Damage - Ninja are going to be your damage dealer of choice vs Dwarfs. Mechs have a shield that protects from ranged damage but Ninja can go melee for 10 seconds with a bonus to crit chance and dodge. Ninjas can also teleport on top of Blaster or Riflemen troops and wreck them fast. The only real struggle that Ninja has vs dwarf is against tanks. The ninja's dodge after teleport will work best against big slow attacks but is much less effective against rapid smaller attacks. Tanks have a rapid smaller attack in their machine gun and flamethrowers, so you will want to be extra careful where you place your teleporting ninja when tanks are involved because your surprise attack can backfire and leave you a troop down faster than your half time cooldown can reset... and it really hurts your chances to win if that happens.
    • Support - Ale is going to be your best friend on this one. Turtles are generally too big of a risk to use vs Dwarfs (See above) so wisely using ale at the right times can help make up for the loss in bonus stats that turtles bring. Once again I strongly recommend trying all of this out multiple ways in a PvE setting where you can repeat and have no risk of losing anything. Your best offense and defense will be knowing what to use and when.
  • Lich
    • Front Line - In the current meta, you can almost place money on a battle with a Lich being Scorpions and Spiders. That is so ridiculously in your favor that you can almost laugh when you challenge them or vice versus. Monks, Monks, Monks. That is pretty much all you need to know. Your monks will need to for sure be at least Silver tier for the immunity to poison but between that, their swipe bonus damage to large and massive units and their Ale heal ability Monks can almost say "I got this" and have a party. However, keep in mind that Rakans are weaker in total regular stats so you can never just sit back and watch like the Lich player can.
    • Damage - Here there are pluses for both Crossbowmen and Ninja. Crossbowmen get added range via research and can help clear out the spiderlings really easy. Ninjas can teleport behind a spider and drop it before it can react. Neither is the surefire winner but both if played well can be very effective. One thing to be very clear on for Ninja. If they get focused by a spider and they can't kill it in the next second or two then they will lose. One hit from a spider, even if it is only the area damage will poison your ninja and they don't have the health to survive that for long at all. Be very careful when teleporting near a spider.
    • Support - Ale and maybe one turtle for a quick heal and stat boost is what you will need. Be aware of when to use what. Knowledge will be your biggest asset.
  • Rakan
    • Front Line - All Rakan units with the exception of the turtle are normal size. Turtles don't deal much damage meaning your Samurai are the go-to tank you will need when going up against other Rakan, except that they will do the same and then it becomes a battle of who has the higher level units and uses their Ale better. This is one time when possibly using turtles on the front line might be recommended. Monks will kill them faster than you can do anything about but if you run a turtle and samurai their monks will die in short order leaving you with the upper hand. This battle will be a tough one and much of it will be up to how you place your troops compared to how they place theirs.
    • Damage - Crossbowmen will take the lead here. A Troop or two of Ninja teleporting to take out a high profile target can definitely help but where Rakan troops are numerous and normal size the area damage of Crossbowmen will give you an edge.
    • Support - Play to the field. Use Ale if it seems like a better answer and turtle buffs if that seems like a better answer. This one is a tough call because in theory... your opponent has all the same tricks and aces in the hole that you do... and that is a scary thing indeed.

PvE[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Seige[edit | edit source]

Unit Equivalents by Research Categories Edit
Race 1 2 3 4 5 Seige
Human Spearmen Archer Swordsmen Cavalry Priestesses Catapult
Dwarf Miners Riflemen Blasters Mechsuits Tanks Cannons
Lich Marauder Acolytes Scorpions Mummies Spiders Ballistas
Rakan Samurai Crossbowmen Monks Ninjas Dragon Turtles Trebuchet
Sylph (Not Released)

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