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Grimms portrait.jpg
Title Ironkeep Vanguard
Type General

"You Dare Challenge a Vanguard!!!"

Grimms is a hero in Art of Conquest. Unbeknownst to Grimms at the time, he was once travel companions with the crown prince in hiding. He only discovered the truth the moment he was named General.

Grimms is a support hero that buffs dwarf units and siege weapons of all the races, most players just use him as a way to get ahead in a battle by stacking might on him and hoping he hits a good target with suppression fire. Grimms is great but not amazing like the heroes above.

Building Grimms[edit | edit source]

You max out suppression fire regardless of what you are doing. One point in Smoke bomb for defending a legion by giving it high evade. The rest goes into siege mastery just so your siege weapons deal more damage, that’s it Grimms is simple. If you use Tanks go in tank mastery over siege mastery.

Equipping Grimms[edit | edit source]

Focus mostly on might and command as a secondary if you can spare it, as the evade chance scales off command and that can really make the difference between survival and death.

Weapon: Legendary Broad Sword (+7 might)

Banner: Underworld Banner (+4 command +2 stamina)

Helm: Sanguine Helm (+2 command +2 stamina)

Armor: Royal Armor (+4 stamina +1 suppression fire)

Relic 1: Sanguine Horn (+3 might +1 stamina)

Relic 2: Sanguine Essence (+1 might + 3 command)

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Suppressive Fire Grimms fires a suppressive mortar volley at the enemy after the start of battle, firing 30 mortar shells toward the closest enemy unit and dealing X burning damage to each enemy hit. Units that die from burning damage will explode.
Smoke Bomb Free Grimms shoots a smoke bomb at the target area, enveloping a circular area of radius X for 10 seconds. Allied troops inside the smoke screen have set chance of evading enemy attacks.
Tank Mastery Grimms is an expert battlefield technician. When he is on the battlefield, his modifications increase the damage and max hit points of all allied Tanks, Destroyers, and Excelsiors by X.
Siege Mastery Grimms is an expert siege technician. When he is on the battlefield, his modifications increase the damage and max hit points of all allied siege weapons by X.
Ammo Wagon Aura: Gives allied Ammo Users an additional X% ammo capacity.
Reload Ammunition 1 energy Costs 1 Energy. Grimms replenishes the ammo of all allied Ammo Users on the battlefield by X%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]